Kuwait is a tiny but rich country of Arabian Peninsula. Kuwait is a major oil supplier and a member of OPEC consortium. Its economy is the world’s 20 largest by GDP per capita. According to World Bank, Kuwait is the 5th richest country in the world by gross national income per capita. Among all Gulf countries, Kuwait is one of the best country providing good job opportunities for both government and private sectors. Highly scoped industries of Kuwait are, petroleum, petrochemicals, steelmaking, cement shipbuilding and repair, desalination, food processing and construction materials.

BinFaisal overseas employment promoters in Pakistan is one of the most demanding registered agency (OP&HRD/3848/LHR). Due to the day and night hard work and dedication our agency has not only gained the trust of many European and Gulf countries especially Kuwait but has also gained the trust of those who are seeking for overseas jobs. From time to time many of Kuwait’s developed industries demand Pakistani skilled, qualified and hardworking manpower.

BinFaisal staffing agency for Kuwait in Pakistan has been recruiting required manpower to Kuwait successfully for the last ten years by following all international laws required for headhunting process. So individuals who are seeking for jobs in Kuwait, and want to prove their skills and worth, can submit their documents to our job portal without any hesitation.

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