Qatar ranked as the 1st richest country among all Gulf countries and has gained the 6th position in the world’s richest countries. Qatar has achieved this position by means of the use of the latest technologies and highest level of manpower. In the era of development, Qatar has surpassed many developed countries. In order to achieve this great position, Qatar has selected the best manpower from all over the world, especially from Pakistan, as a result of which Qatar is in a great place today. The most developed and employed Qatari industries are, construction industry, oil and gas industry, IT and telecommunication industry, power and energy sector, transportation industry, travel and tourism sector, healthcare system, educational industry, FMCG industry, and so on.

BinFaisal overseas recruitment agencies in Pakistan is one of the most dedicated and registered agency (OP&HRD/3848/LHR). Our agency has earned a good reputation all over the globe in a very short period of time due to our sincerity in our aim for benefiting our clients (both overseas countries and manpower).

BinFaisal manpower recruitment agency for Qatar in Pakistan has gained the trust of Qatar by providing qualified, hardworking and eligible employees for the last ten years.

On the other hand we have achieved the confidence of those who were looking for jobs in Qatar by recruiting them in credible Qatari industries. Individuals who want to prove their skills and abilities by joining different Qatari industries can submit their document to our job portal without any hesitation.

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