Norway, country of northern Europe and one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Huge stocks of natural resources combined with a skilled labor force and the adoption of new technology made Norway a prosperous country. The Norwegian economy is a highly developed mixed economy and has shown robust growth since the start of the industrial era. Given the hard work, skills and qualification of Pakistani people, Norway is offering great job opportunities to Pakistani workforce. Norwegian industries which are giving opportunity for popular graduate jobs for Pakistanis are, construction, healthcare, IT and communications, oil and gas, tourism, agricultural, chemicals, fishing, food processing, metals, mining, paper products, petroleum and gas, shipping and textiles.

BinFaisal overseas employment promoters in Pakistan considered as one of the most trustworthy, dedicated and demanding registered agency (license no: OP&HRD/3848/LHR). Our agency has gained a good reputation all over the globe in a very short period of time due to our dedication in our aim for benefiting our clients (both overseas countries and manpower). Many Norwegian companies have expressed their confidence in our agency seeing that our quality manpower recruitment procedures and headhunting process follow all international laws.

BinFaisal manpower recruitment agency for Norway in Pakistan can recruit Pakistani workforce successfully in Norway. Our agency always stay with those people whom we recruit in different overseas industries until they get jobs and other facilities and don’t leave them alone abroad. Our experienced professionals will also help you in learning Norwegian language. So individuals, who are seeking for jobs in Norway can submit their documents to our job portal.

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